The Kedara Gowri Nombu is a days fasting period during which vows ( Viradam/Vratham) are taken to propitiate Lord Shiva in his form of Kedareshwara . Kedara Gowri Vratham, Kedareeswarar nombu story in english. Kethara Gowri vrat – english version – how to perform the pooja and the. Kedhara Gowri vradham familiarly known as Deepavali (Diwali) is celebrated throughout India in a grand manner. Without Caste creed, rich – poor differences .

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This is one of the performed by devotees of Shiva irrespective of their caste, creed or social status. Glory The glory of this vratam is very splendid as Shri Gauridevi observed this vratam in full devotion and got to be in half the body of Lord Shiva!!

So, during Nombu, we take vows to correct ourselves and pray to Lord Kedareshvara to grant us the ability to be in perfect balance and to be able to reconcile opposites within ourselves. The Legend and the Kedhara Vrata Story. Usually 21 types of Naivedyams and offerings are made to Lord Shiva at the temple and special prayers are conducted. Charged by my own energy, you want to negate me? C Vrarham October 19, at During the 21 days that we observe the Gowro Gowri Nombu Viradam, the subtle environmental conditions created by the moon, the stars, planetary alignments and the seasons, boost our spiritual practices that are in line with discovering the Ardhanari aspects of ourselves.

But the pooja items for the nombu, like nombu set, fruits and other archanai items should be bought only after the Amavasya pooja is over in the afternoon. Join or Log Into Facebook. It starts from the ashtami, the eight day of the Shukla Pakhsa growing phase of moon. He prayed to Lord Shiva. Shakti wanted to become part of Lord’s body.


We wish everyone doing the Kedara Gowri Nombu Viradam a wonderful fasting period!

Kedara Gowri Vratham (nombu) Procedure, Significance and Pooja Timings

For the Padaiyal ,you can make sambhar and vegetable subjee. After the poojai read the story of Lord Kedhareeshwarar and tie the red sacred thread in your wrist.

Upon reaching Kailasha, Bhringi saw Bhringi, with three legs, worshipping Shiva and Parvati the effulgent forms of Shiva and Uma sitting together. I always heard of married women performing this pooja. He will use the turmeric powder,kumkum powder, agarbathi ,flowers, coconut, and camphor to the Kalasam from your Archanai plate and will also offer your Adhirasams to the Kalasam and do the pooja. Without Caste creed, rich – poor differences people obeserve this festival.

Siva and Sakti both dance infinitely within ourselves always looking to unite in a perfect balance. Kedara Gowri Food Menu Items – The food to be offered to god during pooja are kajjayya 21 deep fried in gheeChitra anna ,kosmbri ,palya and later it can be served as prasadam to family members.

He never prayed to Devi and completely ignored Her! This is a very important day and should be observed with fervor as it represents the culmination of the fasting period.

The Kedara Vrata is religiously observed in every part of the country and anyone who performs this vrata will attain fulfilment of all their desires. Goddess Parvati then observed the vrata with full devotion, and pleased by Her austerities Lord Shiva granted His left part. Make vrata kedaea — 21 fibers vratnam 21 knots. You can place a coconut in a vessel and put some turmeric and kumkum to invoke god. The thread is held as very sacred and it actually represents the Viradam commitments in itself.

It is also believed that sage Gautama maharishi guided Parvati in performing the rituals. Make vrata threads – 21 fibers having 21 knots. When wife is alive and staying away. Kedara Gowri Vratham is followed for 21 days starting from 10th October and ends on 30th October It is celebrated on the Amavasya day which comes on or the next day of the Deepavali. When I gain enough power to speak, only then will I be able to do so. Lunar days in different periods of the year have different effects on us physically and spiritually and create certain particular subtle environmental conditions though vibrations.


Kedara Gowri Vrata Mahima

Puja procedure for Kedharagauri vratam 4. After which they make a banana leaf padaiyal and consume it after Arathi. Posted by Unknown at 8: It is also a wonderful way to make us understand that God is genderless but manifests in particular qualitative energies to help us in our spiritual progression.

A coconut is smeared with turmeric and kunkum on the mouth of the pot.

Significance of Kedara (Gauri) Vrata – Deepavali

This Amavasai Padaiyal is consumed only by the men of the house and women who do not observe the nombu. It symbolizes the 21 days of fasting and how well we have the digested the essence of the observance. Also, please consult with elders in family for the proper procedure.

Vishnu became Lord of vaikunta observing this vratam. The Kedara vrata is observed for a period of twenty one keeara during the month of Purattasi gowi is from mid-September to mid-October according to the Gregorian calendar.

Newer Post Older Post Home. To prepare the Nombu Kit, place all the nombu Adhirasams in one big basin and cover the basin with a brass tambulam plate. It is also believed that Asta-Dikpala Guardians of eight directions or eight deities performed kedara gowri vrath to eliminate the curse given by Lord Brahma. This Vratam is one of the significant Saivite Vratams.