Sensei’s Library, page: Go Databases, keywords: Software. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). It’s a collaboration. Kifu is the Japanese go term for game record, but its use is discouraged by some people, since the English game record works well. The recent. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). The idea is you add the moves on the kifu itself, ++ on the.

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GoDB – Japanese site with English support.

Search by player or year to gp the games you’re interested in. Two interesting projects in this area are GoCam and Chris Ball ‘s image2sgf.

SmartGo • Software for the Game of Go

Against an AI, I can play out every last move in ‘known’ dead territory to see what happens since I didn’t realize it was dead. So, I will play against humans, but I am still very much interested in answers to the original question. Google [Bot] and 3 guests. I have found that it prevents go-blindness, in which I occasionaly dont see an atari due to being too focused on a different move. I have to record games when I play teaching games with beginners, since I find it’s hard to remember their moves.

These eliminate the common error of writing a number out of sequence. SmartGo automatically adjusts the handicap to keep the game interesting — start with 9×9, and unlock 11×11 and 13×13 as you get stronger. Well, at least they’re not expensive! Since the Go board is symmetrical with no particular sides, it makes no difference which corner is used as the reference point from which to count coordinates.

Proprietary format with possibility of export to SGF. I am also making it a habit to kfiu at least part of the games that I play on KGS. Solving problems is one of kfu main ways to get stronger. But we don’t really need multiple methods of recording games, and if you intend your game records to be understandable by others it is better to use the existing system as it is used by millions throughout the Far East, in which handicap stones are not numbered.


This doesn’t take very long to do. This has great advantages in terms of ease of playing through games, and lends itself well to database storage and archival. Limited downloading, paid registration required. First, obtain a game record form. Fri Mar 13, SmartGo for Windows is the complete tool for Go players, with a database of more thanprofessional games. Learn Go using the built-in tutorial with over problems, then play against kicu iPhone or iPad. Sat Mar 14, 7: Users browsing this forum: I appreciate your patience.

Quite a low proportion was published in book form; lifu players used to make their own copies by hand of games to study. Right after buying a palm, I used it to record some tournament games. In Japanese Go books, when unoccupied points of the board are mentioned in the commentary, they are usually labelled by hiragana in iroha order to this day.

Neither Champion Go nor Igowin HD allow you to make comments as you play as far as I can see however you can export the sgf to SmartGo Kifu and add comments later if you want to review the game.

If a move is made on a point where an earlier move was made, e. That makes replaying the game later a bit easier. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Game Record

Progress on the Mac version has been slow due to the success of the iPad and iPhone apps as well as the SmartGo Books project. I use my Palm, even during tournament games. SmartGo for Windows SmartGo kiifu Windows is the complete tool for Go players, with a database of more thanprofessional games.


oifu I once dipped my hand into a cup of tea instead of my bowl of stones. Oifu Kifu includes the full GoGoD collection of overgame records, from classic games to modern tournaments. You’re all giving good advice, but not answering his question. Sat Mar 21, 2: Still have about a have dozen of these sheets in a file folder. The pioneering European player Oskar Korschelt disliked kifus because nineteenth century kifus always used Chinese numeralswhich are indeed difficult to read unless one is familiar with them.

The game became interesting, and at one point, while I was concentrating on a particularly difficult sequence, I put a stone in my mouth, thinking it was a potato chip. Previously shipped with Kombilo ho other programs.

A large corpus — many thousands of games — of kifu records from the Edo period has survived. It’s possible, though less common, to use board coordinates to indicate where a move was played. The point of using two colors is simply to make the game record easier to read.

Remember your goals here, if you just want to play bots those two are good choices and maybe look into Crazy Stone for PC, it’s much stronger than the basic app on iPad.

I get a very real sense that a lot of player discount AI completely as a solid learning method.