This is our collection of freestyle footbag moves, collected over the years and contributed by various footbag players. Thanks in large part go to Adrian Dick. This hacky sack expert will show you a variety of different moves and tricks as well as introduce you to a few different games to play in the footbag hobby. Footbag, more commonly known as Hacky Sack (a name trademarked by and stalls used that form the foundation kicking with a group or performing tricks.

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Conrad Rustad It’s just like doing a jester exept you jump up towards a wall. From a right toe delay circle the footbag quickly with your right leg from in to out pixie. This article has also been viewedtimes. This article introduces the basics kicks and stalls used that form the foundation kicking with a group or performing footbxg. Fun Activities for Teenagers.

Freestyle footbag

Fairy Leg Over 3 adds. Watch this video tutorial that will teach you how to properly wash and clean your footbag, to restore it to its original beauty. Click through to watch this video on expertvillag Scoop the footbag up before it hits the ground tricsk the setting foot which never touches the ground.

The important thing here is to keep it going. After one kick, catch the sack in your hand.


Stepping Ducking PS Whirl 7 adds. Begin like a whirl but then bail to an osis.

There are a couple of variants to this one. Just as your leg is heading back down to the ground- hop off the left leg- turn out of the move scooping the bag into a left osis.

Footbag How To and Tricks

Blizzard Stepping Paradox Illusion 4 adds. Do a quick right pogo set to a right leg out to in dexterity- to a left leg out to in dexterity to left toe delay. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Catch the footbag in the crook of the leg. Fun Games for Boys. Like most motor skill activities it is better to practice for a few minutes or a half-hour each day than to practice tric,s hours at a time every once in a while.

This game is called “Striker” but is also known as “kill” in the gricks.

If you are still not getting it, try learning from another person who is good at it. This will help absorb the impact of the bag on the foot and keep it from bouncing off the side. Turn toward the bag and complete an out to in dexterity with the setting foot. In “word”, choose a word with 3 foofbag 10 letters.

How to Hacky Sack / Footbag Tricks | BombFootbags

Adam Kellett Stall the bag on your neck, pop it up and over your head to stall on your chest. From a clipper set, set the bag about waist high. From a right toe delay- hopping off the left leg- bring the left leg around the bag from out to in to land to support a right inside out mirage and finally the left leg completes the move by landing a left toe delay. Team Games for Kids. Retrieved from ” https: Right clipper delay- duck the bag- right dexterity from out to in to a left clipper delay.


From a right foot clipper- quickly plant the right foot and bring the left leg over the bag from in to out. Fairy Drifter 4 adds. Then, come back around the bag tricsk out to in ending on a left toe delay. A person gets out in this variation by getting hit three times or whatever the designated number is at the beginning of the match. Keep your head down with your eyes on the footbag until just before it lands on the inside surface of your right foot.

This is a paradox mirage with an extra legover at the end. Forums, footbag club locator, pics and videos. End by catching the bag on a right trikcs clipper.

Either in to out or out to in. Things to Do When You are Alone. Pogo Paradox Mirage 4 adds. Players are usually given between attempts to land a combo, within a maximum time frame of 2 minutes.