Primarily known for military SF, Drake (Fireships, etc.) shows a wider Lord of the Isles. David Drake, Author Tor Books $ (0p) ISBN With Lord of the Isles, David Drake returns to fantasy with a towering and complex epic of heroic adventure in an extraordinary and colorful world where the. David Drake has written fantasies before, but the Lord of the Isles series is his first full-on venture into Jordan-style multibook VLFN saga-spinning. And I’m sad .

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He calls it “enkapsis”. That jsles sounds snarky, but I was in high school then, and I have a great fondness for that period of SFF. There were some really interesting and mystical places that went along with all the seemingly normal ones: Wrong, sir; there’s no such thing as a page prologue, and even if there were, you would still have to make the proceedings compelling and exciting enough to persuade readers to line up for volume two.

It seems there would be little reason for Ot to consent to go particularly as his departure effectively deprives Barca’s Hamlet of its only healerbeyond the formulaic imperative that a VLFN needs its Gandalf.

Sometimes this was frustrating in a kind of good way when something intense and interesting was happening to one group and we were left with a kind of cliffhanger to go to the POV of a group that was boring by comparison. May 01, Lucinda rated it it was amazing. More on that below. They flowed well and were easy to follow. But no, Lord of the Isles intends to be taken seriously.

Jan 23, Jim Pike rated it really liked it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I did three drafts of the novel as usual. The evil guys use magic all over the place, indiscriminately, and they’re always getting blow up cause they don’t use it wisely.

Lord of the Isles

I give books at least that much until I decide to keep reading or stop. Great characters and an interesting world. Servant of the Dragon Posted on February 18, by admin. So my final rating for this is really 2. In the first novel, the issles Garric or-Reise discovers that he is, in fact, the direct descendant of the last king to rule the Isles, exactly a millennium ago.


It was a bit trite at times. Similarly to stand-out authors like Robert Jordan, who is a master of heroic fantasy, or Terry Goodkind whose phenomenal davis and power is simply mind-blowing Drake stands equally alongside them. In any type of fiction, good characters get to shine when they have a worthy villain to go against, in this book llord evil dudes drae to be continually offing themselves leaving the hero standing around and the reader wondering why the hell we needed to read the story.

It doesn’t quite achieve epic scale–clearly Drake is keeping major trump cards in reserve for the coming sequels. Among the players are a king’s ghost and two magicians who were present at the ancient disaster one of them caused itplus modern wizards, warriors, and unknowing descendants of royalty.

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Books in the Isles Series – David Drake

This is terrible sexist male fantasy stuff, iisles admittedly I probably supplied most of the dirty stuff myself, that scene of staff polishing is as racy as it gets. David Drake is an American author of science fiction and fantasy literature.

I liked a few of them and was interested in what would happen to them–Garric and Cashel in particular–but I didn’t become attached to Sharina at all, which was a significant plot thread, and Ilna only became interesting after her disastrous attempt to follow Garric. It now seems an obvious thing to have done, but it sure took me a long time to come to that realization.

She finds herself in a small town far from the new centers of power, but among a small group who, all unknowing, will become the focus of a new struggle for dominance and magical power that will shake this world, and others. So Drake does good good, but unfortunately his treatment of evil undermines his heroes. Some events made me gasp, while others shocked me. That appears to be enough for Drake, so off they go.

Jun 27, Joshua Palmatier rated it liked it. This substantial fantasy, in which moral and physical threats are serious and wherein actions have consequences, will appeal to those who delight in mythological works. Mistress of the Catacombs Posted on February 18, by admin.


But here, Drake had an opportunity to add a level of authenticity to his drama and his worldcraft, and by ignoring it, sacrificed some believability. I also liked the little fairy character. These three occurrences completely disrupt the small community and end up dragging some of its members–Garric and Sharina, Cashel and Ilna–away from their sheltered lives, where they get caught up in the politics, magic, and intrigues of the rest of the Isles, including the personal struggles of the long-dead King Carus and The Hooded One.

Fantasy novel hte American fantasy novel series. I found myself rooting, and worrying for them. Like so many islles of its kind, Lord of the Isles is a handsomely mounted yawner.

Return to Book Page. Jul 22, Melissa rated it it was amazing. So there was some disappointment there. A part of the problem is how Drake uses magic in the book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Jan 08, C rated it did not like it Issles See entire review at The Blue Fairy’s Bookshelf. Then, as now, the power that fueled all magic in the world rose precipitously, allowing the use of spells so powerful that they shattered the cohesion of nations, driving them apart and in the process killing Garric’s ancestor, Carrus, and sinking the island of Yole.

Refresh and try again. Even likeable characters may die. In the beginning, you think you’ve read this before, but you really haven’t.

Lord of the Isles Series by David Drake

So Garric joins Benlo’s team, along with his friend Cashel who’s heartsick over Sharina’s departure and Cashel’s sister Ilna who has a similar unrequited love for Garric and wants to make damn sure that bitch Liane keeps her hands off him. The characters felt a little uni-dimensional to me, and some of the fantastical elements both lacked explanation or amazement.

The various human cultures didn’t quite feel real, and I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to see an Earth parallel or not.