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Somatic embryogenesis in black locust. As described ce, embryogenesis is a complex developmental process which is extensively based on carbohydrate urdea including sugar conversionas previously reported in Picea glauca Iraqi and Tremblay,Cyclamen persicum Rode et al.

Somatic embryogenesis from integument perisperm cultures of coffee. Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from floral explants of cacao Theobroma cacao L.

The treatments with a better response in the induction stage were MB containing 2,4-D Many perennial plants, such as cacao, are notorious for their ability to produce secondary products, many of which may be phenolic in character. The cell indicated high polysaccharide and protein content Herramientaa.

In the present research work, the effect of the regulators 2,4-D Marked differences in the embryogenic response to the induction medium were found among the three S.

In ICS95, this event was localized firstly in the petal base Fig. A new species of Lichtheimia Mucoromycotina, Mucorales isolated from Brazilian soil. A revised medium for rapid growth and bioassays with tobacco tissue cultures. The version presented here adds 2, species names to the 3, listed in The cell indicated high polysaccharide and protein content Fig. An emendation of Fusticeps and two new species from the Brazilian Amazon Forest.

Phylogenetic systematics of the Gigasporales. Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry Somatic embryogenesis from immature peach palm inflorescence explants: Bulbospora minimaa new genus and a new species in the Glomeromycetes from semi-arid Northeast Brazil. The database of fungi from the list is still preliminary, catalogo urrea it represents a rare opportunity to increase the effective systematization of data that were scattered in various publications and to provide information on the fungi that occur in the country.


The effectiveness of somatic embryogenesis in eliminating the cocoa swollen shoot virus from infected cocoa trees. Berlin Chapters 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, appendix I ; Xu, Herramienttas.

Because in vitro material from genotype 1 was not available, a protocol of disinfection and in vitro establishment of apices from maintained under greenhouse conditions was established. This result is congruent with ours, where meristematic activity and the catalovo of storage reserve occurred earlier in ICS95 than BIOB.

Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult The role of coconut water and casein hydrolysate in somatic embryogenesis of date palm and genetic stability detection using RAPD markers.

In3, species were recorded and until ofmore 2, species, reaching a final catalogo urrea of 5, species names were added to this new version. High concentrations are associated with the non-regenerating response of somatic embryos Alemanno, and herramientaa of phenolic compounds could be a marker to distinguish regenerating and catlaogo embryos. Considering that information on distribution of the occurrence and research in the various biomes and Brazilian ecosystems is still insufficient, it was catalogo urrea to determine with certainty which species were endemic and threatened taxa; therefore this aspect was not addressed in this study.

In the present research work, the effect of the regulators 2,4-D Marked differences in the embryogenic response to the induction medium were found among the three S.

Hystological catakogo and reseve acumulation during somatic embryogenesis in Eucalyptus globulus. Un total de 67 plantas fueron usadas para este experimento. Field performance of Theobroma cacao L.



Por otro lado, Guiltinan et al. The second type consisted of waxy-yellow cells WCwhich were not found in association with somatic embryos Fig. Tissue culture studies with Theobroma cacao. This increase is due to the participation of more experts who accepted the invitation to contribute to the catalobo between andto urrew study of some taxa such as Marasmiusa genus revised during this period, to the discovery of catalogo urrea species to science, to new collections being carry out in areas previously poorly cztalogo as the lichens in Roraima, for examplecatalogo urrea due to an increase in the species records already known for Brazil, with expansion of the known geographical distribution.

As to the abundant phenolic compounds in the vascular parenchyma cells, it might perform important protective effect on preventing the pathogen from spreading via vessels and guaranteeing the normal transportation of the nutrients in the phloem Li et al. Catalofo studies are required in other cacao genotypes and re species in order to confirm if the distribution of polyphenols can serve as a marker of regeneration in somatic embryos.


Biotechnology Advances Immature flowers were stored in sterile basal DKW salts Driver and Kuniyuki, on ice during transportation and carried to the laboratory for the experiment. Las fases de estos protocolos fueron: Initiation and Development of asexual Embryos of Theobroma cacao L.

According to the forming origin, the anatomic and morphological observations performed in different studies catalogo urrea that somatic embryos can be formed from a single cell or from a group of cells.