Résumé (fre). On peut comparer Molly Sweeney () de Brian Friel à The Well of the Saints () de J.M. Synge, un texte moderniste, mais il a pour source. “The sad and miraculous plight of Molly Sweeney has brought out the best in the playwright Brian Friel Rich with rapturous poetry and the music of rising. Molly Sweeney has ratings and 22 reviews. Molly Sweeney, by the great Irish playwright Brian Friel, tells the story of married couple Molly and Frank.

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But if she were at home she’d appear at the front door always in her headscarf and wellingtons — and she’d shout, “Molly! Rice would examine me and say, “Splendid, Molly!

And now I was as bad as all the others: Not a glass overturned, not a shoulder brushed. Rice again and he’d say “Splendid! Molly herself is a judge’s daughter who, having been blind almost from birth and acquired a tactile apprehension of the world, is offered the chance to have her sight restored.

She shakes his head slowly. All three stay on stage for the rfiel play. Perhaps there is something to be said “for leaving well-enough alone. Some of them are blue-and-white, and some of them are pink, and a few have big, red, cheeky faces. The dangerous period for Molly came as it does for all patients when the moloy delight and excitement at having vision have died away.


Molly Sweeney by Brian Friel – Past | Drama In The Hood

I remembered so well the first day Frank came to the health club. There was molyl lot of joking that there were thirteen of us if you counted the baby. And my head was suddenly giddy. And as usual, when she had finished, so she tells me, she nodded her head and smiled and cried all at the same time. She brought the flowers right up against her face and inhaled in quick gulps and at the same time, with her free hand, swiftly, deftly felt the stems and the leaves and the vriel.

So; eight o’clock sharp; there I was sitting in the hspital, all dickied up the good suit, the shoes.

Friel written with such intoxicating specificity about scents, colors and contours. In swreney words she now had to learn to see. She offered this information matter-of-factly. He was said to have been one of the most brilliant ophthalmologists ever in the country.

She was totally unconscious of seeing anything at all. You know she should!

Molly Sweeney – Wikipedia

And remarkably, extracts from essays by various philosophers on the relationship between vision and knowledge, between seeing and understanding. He had heard that there was a pair of badgers in a sett at the edge of the lake. The characters in Molly Sweeney are thus three aspects of the artist as divine and thus tragic seer in a form of hypostatic union for Friel is nothing if not theological.


A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason, trans. For her autodidact husband, Frank, Molly’s cure seems to be the latest in a series of wild enthusiasms that include bees, whales and Iranian goats.

They all do for some reason. A strange fellow, indeed.

Molly Sweeney – review

In the action of the frriel, however, Friel follows Sacks’s case history closely. She knew dozens of flowers; not to see; not by sight.

I asked him to call me the following Friday. When we step back and consider the play as a whole we must see – the pun is unavoidable – that the play as such does not exist.

Where are you, Rita? Rice joined us when we were putting the wheelbarrows into the back of Mollly van. What are you looking for?

She loved my red tie it was red, wasn’t it? And disquieting; even alarming.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Propped up against the pillows; her mouth open; her breathing shallow; a scarlet coat draped around her shoulders; the wayward hair that had given her so much trouble now contained in a net.

In relief, I suppose, really. She was indeed receiving visual signals and she was indeed responding to them.