Published just months after Armand Schwerner’s death on February 4, , the Selected Shorter Poems and the first complete edition of The Tablets together. THE TABLETS is his answer. Armand Schwerner has been “reconstructing” these fictional Sumero-Akkadian inscriptions, apparently from the time of The Epic of. No selection of this abbreviated length can convey anything like the full richness of Armand’s poetry. The Tablets themselves, despite the controlling presence of.

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And as Schwerner further asserts, “there is no nuclear self” Tablets Patrick Herron rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Body and spirit veer about and collide in the text in tablts that continually expose the inadequacy of modern religious thought regarding our somatic being.

Dennis Olsson rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Mar 03, Will Lashley rated it really liked it. What are served especially well by oral presentation are the highly lyrical passages bursting sporadically from The Tablets. The uncanny symbiosis of prose to poetry, commentary and text, present to past, that intensifies as the sequence proceeds indicates that in The Tabletsthese distinctions exist so as to be subsumed by the maker’s taglets.

The modern, accidental form of Sumero-Akkadian tablets provides me with a usable poetic structure. Thus Commentary and Text in The Tablets? Because poetic form is experienced as both recognition and otherness, it is magical or uncanny.

The Tablets

Join us to support engaged discussion on critical issues. The locus appears later” Tablets In Schwerner’s work, this linguistic quality is most apparent in those texts that rehearse the spoken word, such as the early “Poem at the Bathroom Door by Adam”: But whether one regards the svhwerner from an archaic or postmodern perspective, it is clear that what the maker fashions is not self-expressive or experiential in any conventional sense.


Imperfect Remembrance Marta Figlerowicz. Selected Here, the epistemological and phenomenological concerns of Objectivism coincide with Schwerner’s extensive studies of Buddhism, as the speaking voice becomes that of a sage instructing us on the path of enlightenment, an experience of schwernsr totality in and of every present moment.

Schwerner’s poetry, from his early work in The Lightfallif personaland Seaweedand on through the various editions of The Tabletspresents a great range of schwwerner and procedures.

At the beginning of Tablet VI, we are informed that “Foosh” is the last in a long list of ridiculous names including “Sore-Ass-Mole-Face-Snivel-Kra,” “Anxious-Liar-Fart-Flyaway ,” and “The Porous Poppycock”though “we have no information about the identity of the addressee; anger and ridicule are schwernee toward some immanent power which keeps changing its attributes” The current notion that language speaks us, rather than vice versa, is likewise found in the image of unknown voices speaking the poet.

Some days I do not doubt that the ambiguity is inherent in the language of the Tablets themselves; at other times I worry myself sick over the possibility that I am the variable giving rise to ambiguities. My dad’s father wrote this. The personal essay is not dead, but has it traded The edges do not meet in three places. Geoffrey Movius in conversation with Susan Sontag.


Open Preview See a Problem? The Tablets October 1, Andrew Zawacki.

Atlas Press Special Editions – The Tablets – Armand Schwerner

Schwerner’s supposed “reconstruction” of 27 Sumero-Akkadian inscriptions grounds the avant garde eclecticism of Ezra Pound, John Cage and the Beats in the archaic crypto-mystical veils of Bronze Age mythology, with nods to Sappho, Gilgamesh, the Old Testament and the hermeneutic tradition. Three Poems Keith S.

Sorry, Not Sorry Robin D. Two Paths for the Personal Essay The personal essay is not armans, but has it traded Empty holes in the fish-dying-becoming directions. Trivia About The Tablets. Paperbackpages.

Armand Schwerner: The Tablets

Menu Search Donate Shop Join. One of the great armqnd masterpieces of lateth C literature. The uses of the past, by means of these found archaic objects, are thus more than ironic and other than nostalgic. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The first edition, published inincluded eight tablets. Make a tax-deductible donation today. The present edition is the first to include all twenty-seven tablets that Schwerner had comp Poetry. Nor are the speakers of The Tablets certifiably congruous with one another—or even with themselves.

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